Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Poultry Newsletter

Good morning,


The Baker County Extension Service is happy to announce the publication of a new newsletter centered on poultry and poultry topics, entitled Feathered Facts.  This will be a monthly newsletter, available in electronic format only.  I have attached a PDF copy of the newsletter to this email and included links to the Baker County Extension Service home page and Feathered Facts page below.  Interested parties can sign up for an electronic version of the newsletter via links on these pages.


Please help me spread the word about this newsletter within the Northeast District and the State.  If you have questions about the newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Please accept my apologies for cross postings as I am trying to get the newsletter out to as many folks as possible.





Baker County Extension Service – http://baker.ifas.ufl.edu

Feathered Facts page - http://baker.ifas.ufl.edu/FeatheredFacts.html


Michael A. Davis, Ph.D.

Director / Ag Agent

University of Florida | IFAS | Baker County Extension

1025 W. Macclenny Ave.

Macclenny, FL 32063

(904) 259-3520

(904) 259-9034 FAX

email: michael.davis@ufl.edu



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