Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Vegetable Growers Meeting April 28

Please join us for this upcoming growers meeting. Please RSVP to Crystal via e-mail at crys21@ufl.edu or by phone at (941)722-4524 by April 25.  CCA credits pending.


Vegetable Cost Share and Water/Nutrient Management Workshop

Where: UF/GCREC Balm, FL

When: April 28 at 1:00pm-4:00pm


1:00 PM - Introductions and welcome, Crystal Snodgrass


1:10 PM- Jessica McCoy Stempien, FDACS. Description of BMP enrollment, NOIs, record keeping, and cost share programs.


1:30 PM - Alicia Whidden and Crystal Snodgrass, Field tissue testing practices and effect on crop production.


1:50 PM - Kelly Morgan, Factors to consider when managing water and nutrients in the soil.

-          Soil water retention factors

-          Nutrient availability

-          How soils impact production practices

-          Potential for improved yields

2:35 PM – Kelly Morgan, Soil water relationships and irrigation scheduling in sandy soils.

-   Soil water relationships (field capacity, wilting point, plant available water)

-   Crop water requirement (ET)

-   Examples of Irrigation Scheduling


3:05 PM – Monica Ozores-Hampton, What is soil quality and how can be change in Florida sandy soils.

-     What are soil quality and their principles?

-     How can we increase soil quality in crop production: compost, cover crops and surfactants, etc.

-     Assessing the impact of soil quality in growers profits


2:20 PM – Kelly Morgan, UF/IFAS, UF/IFAS/SWFREC. Basics of soil testing and interpretation and changes from Mehlich 1 to Mehlich 3.

3:35PM -  Jeff Ullman, Water quality risk factors associated with irrigation and fertilization strategies.


3:55 Questions, evaluations, adjourn



Crystal Snodgrass, M.S.
Extension Agent, Vegetables
Manatee County Government
University of Florida IFAS Extension
941-722-4524, Ext. 230
Fax: 941-721-6796


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