Tuesday, October 4, 2011

'Bugs & Shrubs Buzz' Landscape Hort info from Doug Caldwell: Eugenia dieback, boron, Gt Af Snails, new dwarf BG

Greetings landscape horticulture people!


Here's some breaking information and some excellent new fact sheets from UF (attached).


A worker displays two giant African land snails.  For the third time since 1966, the snails are invading the US.There is a new outbreak of the giant (8 inches long) african snail  in the SE Miami area ( Hialeah, Coral Gables, etc.). 5000 properties were surveyed and 75 were infested. 1000 snails were killed. Fortunately these areas aren't near nurseries!  DO NOT PICK THESE UP WITHOUT GLOVES as they transmit a nematode (rat-lung worm) which can transmit meningitis to humans! See more and the attached Pest Alert Poster from DPI Scott Krueger:






 'Discovery' dwarf bermudagrass may only need mowing once a month!


See: http://www.sodsolutions.com/GNO-Sept10-Introducing_Discovery_Bermudagrass.php


August 29, 2011: University of Florida agronomist, Dr. Kevin Kenworthy remarks:




     Discovery is certainly unique.  I have been able to look at it on a few sod farms.  In most places it has looked good. 

     I have yet to observe it in a situation where it has been planted for a long period of time and I am very curious to

     see how it performs.  One point to be aware of is that if you are not mowing frequently you will need a good

     pre-emergent program or some weeds can get unsightly (when they are left unmowed for several weeks).


        I have it included in a trial that is being planted this year and next.      Kevin



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