Tuesday, October 18, 2011

UF Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory

Every year the University of Florida’s Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory holds training and examination for our Master Beekeeper Program. This is an excellent program set up for beekeepers across the state to increase their knowledge of bees and beekeeping and more importantly fully engage in public outreach and education in all things honey bee. This is a 5-year program that increases in rigor throughout its 4 levels, Apprentice, Advanced, Master and finally Master Craftsman. To date, our program has been responsible for educating over 7million people in the great state of Florida about the honey bee, Florida agriculture and our role as beekeepers  in honey bee education.


Please advise any and all interested parties about our upcoming Master Beekeeper Program training and examinations taking place in Orlando Florida on October 27th, 2011. Registration is open, and can still be mailed to us.  However, walk-ins (with payment) are welcome with a courtesy call to our registration office, letting us know, since time to mail in forms is diminishing. For more information and details please visit www.UFhoneybee.com


Thanks so much!!!


Jeanette Klopchin


Laboratory Manager, 

Research Technician

Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory

Department of Entomology and Nematology

University of Florida

Bldg 970 Natural Area Drive

PO Box 110620 Gainesville, FL 32611-0620

Phone (352) 273-3932

Fax (352) 392 0190


www. Afbee.com   

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