Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Position Listing


The position is in beautiful San Marcos, Texas located between Austin and San Antonio at the the San Marcos National Fish Hatchery & Technology Center.  Although the Center works with ESA-listed fish and invertebrates the Center is seeking a botanist ($57,408 to 68,809 starting salary dependent upon qualifications) to maintain stocks of endangered Texas wildrice, while working to restore the rare plant in the nearby San Marcos River while simultaneously dealing with exotic plant introductions.  More specifically the incumbent should possess the following skills:

1. Knowledge of botanical and genetic concepts, related to the propagation and management of captive populations of threatened and endangered aquatic plant species.

2. Knowledge and ability to plan, direct and supervise all aspects of an aquatic plant research program and native habitat restoration projects. Ability to plan, conduct, analyze data, and publish findings of studies on the culture/life history/environmental requirements of endemic and invasive aquatic plants. Ability to plan, direct, and supervise the development and maintenance of buildings and equipment needed to produce and conduct research on aquatic plants.

3. Skill in assessing the effects Aquatic Invasive Species on a listed aquatic plant and developing plans to manage the habitat and control the Aquatic Invasive Species.

4. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.  

The following position is now open through the USAJobs website, please click on the link below to view/print the full vacancy announcement:

San Marcos NFH&TC
San Marcos, TX

PERM/FT        Open: 09/27/11                 Close: 10/18/11

R2-11-542065-CI-MP (Status Applicants):

R2-11-542225-CI-DEU (General Public Applicants):


Kenneth G. Ostrand, Ph.D.
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service San Marcos NFH&TC
500 East McCarty Lane
San Marcos, TX 78666

Phone: 512-353-0011 ext 223
Fax: 512-353-0856
e-mail: Kenneth_Ostrand@fws.gov

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